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"You are someone that I love and I want to
capture you for all time."

Welcome, my name is Megan and I am a Vermont Photographer specializing in capturing real human connection and emotion. I have a beautiful daughter, Averie, who will forever be my muse, and am currently expecting a baby boy in May 2020. Over the past couple of years I have experienced many of life's up's and down's and firmly believe that without those experiences I would not be the woman, mother, or photographer that I am today. I have learned that there's so much strength to be gained by facing my own fears and in the end coming out a much stronger woman.

I love connecting with other like-minded women through sharing stories; and using these stories (and even fears) as a tool for preparing for a photo session experience. There's so much that goes into planning a client photo session, I truly want to know everything about my clients: what you're passionate about, what you're fearful of, what makes you laugh, cry... It's my job to create an experience for you to remember. When you pass your portrait that's hanging on the wall, I want you to remember exactly what life was like at that moment, where you were, and how you felt.

I believe we we were all put on the earth with a specific purpose. My purpose is to connect with women and their families to allow them the space to tell their unique story through photography. Whether you have had your portrait taken in the past or you have been newly introduced to my work, it is my promise to share with you the power of portraiture and help you create the legacy you wish to tell  future generations.

I sincerely look forward to connecting with you. 

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Frequently asked questions

I am often asked where my photography journey began. I discovered my love for photography when I had my own maternity photos taken - Two incredible women captured a version of me that I may have otherwise never seen. Since that day seven years ago I have been in love with photography and my goal has been to make others feel as I did when I saw my photos for the first time.

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how did you get started in photography?

i've never had my photos taken and i'm not photogenic, should i book a session?

Yes! You are the perfect person to book a session with me! We will work together to plan the perfect session to suit your needs. I will walk you through step-by-step to ensure you are 100% confident and prepared for your session. I truly love to photograph real people like yourself, and I promise you'll connect with person you see in your images. I promise to make this a memorable experience!

How long does it take to receive my photos?

I've been in your shoes and trust me, I know how exciting it is to see your photos! After your session I try to share an image or two within 24 hours and full galleries within 2-4 weeks. For weddings, I try my best to share a preview within 48 hours and full galleries within 6-8 weeks.  Please keep in mind that each photo receives 3 separate rounds of thoughtful retouching to ensure I deliver the best quality photo to you. I do not deliver RAW or  untouched photos - They do not leave my hands without the final stamp of approval. 

what time of day is best for my session?

Great question! Most would assume that a mid-day session is best, but 99% of  my sessions take place 30 minutes before sundown and last for roughly 1 - 1.5 hours. I do not prefer to shoot sessions in direct sunlight because it is not ideal for my style of photography. 

do you travel?

Absolutely! I am available to travel worldwide.

I'm ready to book my session! 

Wonderful! You can connect with me HERE .  Let the journey begin!

what do i wear for my session?

Trust me, I know how you're feeling! Finding the perfect outfits can be one of the most daunting parts about your photo session. It's my goal to make your session experience as easy and fun as possible! You will have full access to my client wardrobe closet along with styling assistance  to ensure you feel 100% confident at your session.

My photography will help tell your story, what do  you want to remember when you look back at your photos? We all know how quickly time passes, so I am here to help freeze time a bit; let me document this time in your life for you, your children, your spouse, etc...  With that being said, I specialize in capturing the bond between families, parent with child, couples, and solo portrait sessions (yes, a shoot just for you). I also love to spend time documenting intimate, emotion-felt weddings and elopements. 


How do i book a photo session?

This is my most asked question, I'll break it down below. First you will contact me HERE.  Once I have received your email I will send over a brief questionnaire that will help me better understand what type of session you're inquiring about allowing me the opportunity to get to know you a bit better. We will then connect via phone  and discuss more about your session and what you hope to capture during our time together. If you choose to move forward and book your session, I will send you a session proposal which goes over all the details we discussed, along with your session retainer fee, payment plan, and contract. Once your retainer fee is paid, we will set a session date - The the fun really begins. You and I work together on styling and wardrobe, we usually meet up at a local coffee shop where you can view my client wardrobe closet, share ideas and inspiration, and much more! 

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