My Why

When you click on most “About Me” pages, you’ll often read things like, “I’m a coffee obsessed momma to two amazing babes, an avid roller skater, and lover of all things 80’s hairband and rock n’ roll…” OK – this may be true but I want to dive deeper and give you an understanding of how I became a photographer. 

I’ve always shied away from the camera. I mean, always. It wasn’t until I hired a photographer to capture my first pregnancy that I truly loved a photo of myself. It took me thirty years to realize that I was important enough to be seen, and that’s entirely too long. I want my children to have photographs of me when I am no longer around and our connection documented as they remembered. This is where my passion for photography began.

I strive to capture photographs for others that embody emotion and connection, where you’re instantly brought back to that very moment in time and you can feel the sense of love that surrounded you. 

I believe we are all put on the earth with a specific purpose. My purpose is to connect with you and your family and allow you the space to be photographed and remembered for generations. Whether you have been photographed before or are new to my work, it is my promise to open your eyes to a new way of family portraiture.