My Why

I’m going to start off by saying, “I See You.” I have been where you are, I feel the feelings you feel, I share the same insecurities we all have as women; and I want you to know I will always hold you in a safe, welcoming, and honest space. Growing up I believed I needed to be likable in order to fit in, this often meant I would suppress my own beliefs, desires, and needs in order to maintain relationships and keep those I loved comfortable. As I became an adult and started working a nine to five, I often found myself in situations of disempowerment, feeling less than, feeling like someone was holding me down in a shallow pool if water. What I now realize is this was all my own doing, I was the one holding myself back, I was the one blocking myself from receiving all the love, success, and empowerment I was craving deep in my soul. As I sit here with you, I am in tears as I reflect on how far I have come; the unfolding of true personal transcendence and responsibility is one of immense pain and also of pure magic. I am a firm believer in exploring the aspects of ourselves that make us uncomfortable, and I pride myself on the honest connections I make with my clients; each one of you is welcomed into an unconditional space to experience relatable connection all while creating beautiful art. If you have been with me since the beginning you know that I always hold a special place for women in my photography. This is something that has always been the heart of my work, my art, and my inspiration. Now I truly recognize why this has been the focus of my work; through capturing the essence of so many women I was able to give myself the permission to embody my truth. I sit here with you in full gratitude, for all of the women who allowed me to see Them; because in return you helped guide me back home to Myself. 

I believe we are all put on the earth with a unique purpose. My purpose is to facilitate a unique space for you to feel safe, seen, held, and unconditionally supported while we create legendary art together. If you feel a connection with me, my story, and my art, I urge you to take the leap and follow the call to reach out. There is so much beautiful energy that circulates between my clients and I during a session; words cannot describe the impact it has on both of our lives. Whether you have been photographed before or are new to my work, it is my promise to open your heart to a completely new experience. 


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