‘I See You.’ As a mother, daughter, and soon-to-be wife, I understand the universal desire for connection, safety, empowerment, and love. My purpose drives me to create a nurturing community for all women and to provide a safe space for my clients to have liberating experiences through the art of boudoir and portrait photography. I am committed to holding space for you as you embark on your journey towards empowerment and self-discovery.

Your boudoir photoshoot is LIFE CHANGING. Like I’ve said before, “you think you booked a boudoir photoshoot because you want pretty photos, but then you realize you’ve just opened a door to the most liberating experience of your life!”

I first fell in love with photography when I had my own photoshoot over 10 years ago. As someone who never felt beautiful and always hid from the camera, I was honestly terrified to be photographed. After seeing my photos, I fell in love with the woman I saw in the photographs, I fell in love with Myself, and I knew I needed to share this gift with other women. This experience changed my life forever.

Fast forward 10+ years later and here I am liberating women one portrait at a time. 

If you’re here, take it as a sign that your soul is calling you to step forward to experience a new level of self love, acceptance and empowerment.

It’s time to stop admiring the confidence you see in other’s and fall madly in love with yourself.

xx Megan

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