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photo session experience $500

I hold all women in a safe space, to allow for the nerves and fears to be present then slowly and effortlessly drift away as she welcomes herself back into her body. This is when the connection happens and the Soul Beauty radiates. It’s undeniable, indescribable, but never goes unnoticed. 

Women choose me as their photographer because they want to feel something. When Women come into my world they are most captivated by the other Women I photograph. Most acknowledge their beauty and want to be captured in a similar light but do not feel they are deserving. I want to assure all Women you are worthy of being celebrated, being seen, honored and loved. This is why I created my signature collection called, “A Woman’s Legacy” because each Woman must be celebrated.

Come on a journey with me… Imagine for a moment that you’ve been desiring a photo shoot of your own but never felt deserving or worthy of the experience. You visit my website a few times, you scroll through social media, maybe you’ve thought to send an email; but backed out because your fears got in the way. Now, a few days, weeks, months or maybe years later you reach out (in my eyes this this the most pivotal point) We connect and you book your very own shoot! We start planning your unique experience, selecting the perfect location, your styling, your hair and makeup. The day of your shoot is finally here, you arrive a bundle of nerves, unsure of what the next 60 minutes will bring. I greet you with a warm hug, with pure excitement, and welcome you into the safest space you’ve probably experienced in a long time. It’s here when your guard melts away, your shoulders will soften, your breath with slow, you’ll feel safe to surrender to the beautiful journey of Reclamation. Reclaiming your sense of self, your sensuality, wild feminine, nurturing goddess energy, the powerful leader you know lives inside You. I confidently walk you through the shoot process and you’re guided the entire time; all you have to do is show and I take care of you the rest of the way. I guarantee you will leave your buzzing with energy of self love, acceptance, pride, and excitement. To choose and honor yourself first is one of the greatest gifts. I am here for You. 

This is A Woman’s Legacy. For You, your Children, your Mother & Grandmother. When you honor yourself, you empower everyone around you. 

Photo Session Includes

  • First we connect via phone or zoom to discuss how you would like to be photographed.
  • You Session includes 1:1 session planning, styling, and consulting with full access to my client wardrobe closet which contains over 50+ lingerie and dress items..
  • You may choose to be photographed in my luxury studio located in Burlington, Vermont or at a beautiful outdoor location.
  • Additional travel fees may apply to locations outside of the Chittenden & Addison County, Vermont area.
  • Please note that no physical or digital images are included in the session fee.
  • After your session we will set up your viewing and ordering appointment. This is when you will see your photos for the first time and purchase only what you love.
  • Portraits collections start at $2k and on average my clients spend $3,500 at their viewing and ordering appointment.
  • Payment Plans are available to suit your needs.
  • Cash, PayPal (and PayPal credit), Credit Card, and Afterpay, Shopay are accepted.
  • Please note all session retainers are non-refundable.


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